• Title:2014 National Chiao Tung University Institute of Communication Studies Enrollment information for qualified students
  • Post date:2014-11-25


ICS is an independent institute which provides a graduate program. Founded in 1991, it has the longest history among the teaching units of the now College of Humanities and Social Science in National Chiao Tung University.It was initially named “Institute of Communication and Technology". In 1994, in response to considerations that its communication technology focus appeared to be restricted, that the institute distanced itself from the general orientation of College of Humanities and Social Science, which was established after ICS, and that the trend of communication studies had been toward disciplinary collaboration, this institute had its name altered and since then became “Institute of Communication Studies".This modification makes it distinctive from other departments and institutes of the college while supplementary to them.Each year, ICS recruits 20 graduate students, including general students, on-job students, and those admitted through Recommendation-based Admission Examination.It consists of 6 teaching faculty members, who are in charge of instructing students.

Register will be ended on 12 /16
exam dates will be held on 2/14
subject of examination and previous exam questionshttp://www.ics.nctu.edu.tw/?page_id=32

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